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Small business tax filing?
I have a normal office job and my wife owns a small business. This is the first year she got some income. What would be the best tax filing method? For my income portion, I file ‘joint’, which is the same or similar as previous years. What should my wife portion be filed? Should she files tax return with her own social security number what she is using currently ? Any program can help to do this? Any advise will be highly appreciated. Her business income this year is about $5000.

I need some clarifications about the rules/laws of Canadian sole proprietorship business tax filing… Please…?
I started a Canadian sole proprietorship business about 13 months ago but only made $5500 in the first year. Do I still need to file my taxes for the company this year? I thought I could just keep track of that income and add it to next year s revenue and tax filing. I also heard a couple years ago that a small business company does not need to file taxes for the first 3 years or something because the government assumes that you probably won t turn a major profit in your first year or two. Is that true? Any clarifications to all this would be greatly appreciated.

Can i change my business tax filing frequency online?

2 business tax filing questions?
1 i have a new business and from what i understand the next quarterly deadline is april 15th to have my tax information filed. it cost me around $3,000 to open my business and buy all the materials i need. i will probably not start selling until after april 15th. do i still file my deductables fro the 4 15 deadline? or do i wait until i have made sales for the next quarter?2 since filing is quarterly when do i draw the line on my sales? do i take everything up to exactly april 15th on the dot all sales by 12am? an i be a few days inhead? and have the 2 days before the 15th on my second quarter? or will it be too late

How can I reverse this business tax filing error?
I filed a tax return for 2010 and 2011 using 1040. I mistakenly filed tax documents for my sole member LLC. My business was in the start up period both years. Is there anyway I can have these returns deleted? How do I amend a document that should have never been filed?I had a loss both years because my business hadn’t started yet. So if I want the schedule C erased would I just type a note and send it with the 1040X, cause I didn’t need to file the schedule C in the first place?

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