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HiI m currently registered with I Revenue as a part time self employed cleaner however after having my 3rd child recently I decided I no longer want to work away from home My ideal solution would be to work from home having a small online bussines Ebay I hate cleaning and I would have more time to spend with my kids at home plus I in the free time I could do want I really enjoy Ebay I know some great suppliers of baby items such as clothes,toys etc so I think I could set up online baby shop I have done some reserch and I think I could well make a living out of it…Problem is would I still be treated as a self employed person by I Revenue having my own small bussines on Ebay ? I really mean small bussines as with 3 kids there isnt much time I could spend on computer anyway. My target would be to sell approx 20 items a week and I would like to think I could make approx 80 100 per week what I currently make from my cleaning job I dont know if having small shop on Ebay would be classified as being self employed by I Revenue ?Would I lose out my Tax Credits ? I dont want to work more than 20hours per week but how as a self employed person working from home could I prove my working hours to I Revenue ?Would I need an accountant ? I do not have a one now , I do all my paperwork myself ,Thanks for your helpRegardsJessica

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