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Powerful business tax forms information

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Where can I find free examples of completed business tax forms?

Online small business tax forms?
I need to know if i can file my taxes for a small business online

If I have a partnership LLC do I need to file business tax forms with NY or only personal income tax in NY?
Does an LLC partnership file business taxes in NY or only personal income taxes stemming from the business?

Where do i get a Business tax Form ?
I am starting an online business, where would i get a Tax form? also were do i get a DBA ? do i need DBA for an online Business ?

What type of business tax form do my sister and I need to file 75 days after the close of the fiscal year?
we divide all profits and share all losses using a fixed ratio.

I just incorporated in Nov 2007 but earned no money. Do I need to file a business tax form or just personal?
I incorporated as an S Corporation. I just filled out a business tax form on turbo tax online but all I have are deductions from getting the business started. I don’t want to make a mistake and I’m confused. Do I even need to file anything as I didn’t earn any money? I worked and earned money as an employee at a local company so I am filing a personal return.

What small business tax form should I use if I started my online retail shop 04/2010?
its jan 11th, 2011. I’m ready to file my taxes for the first time business owner 2 person partnership . What is the correct form? I thought it was IRS Form 1065, but it says 2009, hmmm

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Online Tax ID Number Application

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