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Where do i get a business tax form ?

Question: Where do i get a business tax form ?

(Posted by: Gim B on 2009-01-19 13:41:05)

I am starting an online business, where would i get a Tax form? also were do i get a DBA ? do i need DBA for an online Business ?


Posted by: jerry-the-bookkeeper on 2009-01-19, 19:56:11

You can get federal tax forms at: which is the IRS web site. You can get your state tax forms at the web site of your state Department of Revenue. If you are operating your business under your own name you do not need a DBA (stands for Doing Business As). If you are using a company name you will need a DBA which you can get from the office of the secretary of state for your state of residence. Hope this helps Jerry-the-bookkeeper


Posted by: seth j on 2009-01-19, 13:46:08

The Library. You only need a DBA if you are Doing Business As any name other than the name of the company entity (ie sole proprietor, corporation, etc.)


Posted by: Breeze7 on 2009-01-19, 15:34:28

When I started my business last year I was able to get all my state and federal business tax forms online. Plus I called the IRS and they mailed me a bunch of guides, publications, and a business cd for free to help me get started. The government site below is a great place to get started. Wishing you all the best!


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