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FEDERAL business tax help?
Ive ALREADY filed my state business tax returns, but what do I need to file my federal business tax returns? Do I have to file a federal business tax return?and does it need to be filed with my regular yearly taxes or seperatly?

SC small business tax help?
So my husband started an online business which he has made NO money on In fact he’s spent more money than he even would have made. So, he finally gave up with it. Well we’re in SC and apparently he was having to go online to file a return each month to state what his earnings were. Well, he failed to do it in June or July and we got a bill in the mail from the IRS for $1300 Will be able to get out of this? It was an honest mistake and I’m not sure how to handle all of it. We were never notified that he missed the filing and they added a penalty on there that was larger than the proposed assesment

Small business tax help!?
I recently started my own tutoring business and I now have 3 clients which I tutor a total of 12 hours a week constantly. How would I go about filing taxes on my own small business??Also they all pay me in cash at the beginning of the month, that shouldn’t be a problem when filing taxes right?

Small business taxes help?
We have recently started a small business plumbing company which is an LLC. We don’t have any employees other than the two owners. As far as taxes are concered we are currently using all of the money we bring in to put back into the company. NOw that we are off the ground we would like to quit our &quot real&quot jobs and start paying ourselves. My question is how do we go about handling the taxes? Should we pay an accountant or invest in a tax software program to take care of it all?

Business tax help!?
Im thinking of starting my own business online, I took a business course but i have to admit im still lost I heard that I was allowed to make so much money from my business before i have to get a business license is this true? i live in virginia and i also need to know if i can buy one of those quick books programs to do my taxes from my computer? does it work the same as when i do my personal taxes? and also what records do i need to keep?

Question about business taxes..??? Help?
I’m curious if I can claim this on my taxes. I tried starting up a little ebay business last year, I never opened up an ebay store because it was way to costly. I grossed about 6,781 in sales and made 792 in profit. Most of my sales came through different stuff I never used around my house. But I did travel around finding different stuff I can sell. I also went through this website called doba, which ships the merchandise directly to the customer. I bought a computer for this, internet access, traveled to various places, and paid sales tax on pretty much everything. Is there anything that is deductible? I never got licensed through the state..

Business tax help please!?
I am 14 years old and I am starting a fashion jewellery business with my mum. We have done our calculations and would make around 30,000 a year. What business taxes would we have to pay? And because we’d be doing it from home, are there extra taxes to pay to do with that? THANK YOU

Business taxes?? help!?
we recently opened a shop october of last year. we turn in the taxes every month and every 3 months. state has 2 different taxes, 1 for county and 1 for state this will be the first time we will have to file for the shop. how in the world do i do it and where?? what do i need?

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