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Question about business taxes..??? help?

Question: Question about business taxes..??? help?

(Posted by: on 2011-02-07 19:00:05)

I’m curious if I can claim this on my taxes. I tried starting up a little ebay business last year, I never opened up an ebay store because it was way to costly. I grossed about 6, 781 in sales and made 792 in profit. Most of my sales came through different stuff I never used around my house. But I did travel around finding different stuff I can sell. I also went through this website called doba, which ships the merchandise directly to the customer. I bought a computer for this, internet access, traveled to various places, and paid sales tax on pretty much everything. Is there anything that is deductible? I never got licensed through the state..


Posted by: tro on 2011-02-07, 19:54:04

The sale of your own stuff is not part of this self employment the merchandise you bought to sell, the travel searching for saleable items, if doba charged you fees, the would be deductible, if the computer and internet were exclusively for the business, deductible the sales tax you paid would add to the cost of your merchandise for sale Sch C and SE on your 1040


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