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Small business tax preparation?
I started a small business this year. I don’t expect I will make a big profit, if any at all, so I don’t know if I can afford an accountant. I have been keeping my major receipts but have not been keeping my smaller charges &lt $25 . Is that OK as long as I keep my register up to date? If I got audited would a register be acceptable or would I need to have every single receipt?

Step by step business tax preparation?
can anyone tell me where to find a step by step business tax preparation for the state of florida? i live in miami dade county and own a small business. i want to do taxes myself. is there any guide that can explain and guide me trough this process? thanks

Where can i find a free help guide for small business tax preparation?
i have a small construction co. and would like to learn how to keep my taxes in order

How do you start a tax business (tax preparation I mean)?

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Online Tax ID Number Application

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