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How do I file business tax returns when manager lost all the book keeping of last two years?

In NJ do you have to file quarterly business tax returns (Federal and State?)?
In NJ do you have to file quarterly business tax returns Federal and State even if you do not collect any sales tax or have made any money?When are the filing times?What form do you file?

We bought a business last November and I need to know if we need to file personal and business tax returns?

How much should a CPA charge for business tax returns?
I’m looking to have a CPA do my small business tax return. I have an S corp and I’m in Florida so it’s only the Federal return. I’ve heard anywhere from $600 to $1500. I just don’t know.I have an S corp. I’m the only shareholder and the only employee. I have a home office. I have just a computer, a printer, some software and office supplies to deduct. I pay my cpa $300 a quarter and he wants $1000 just for the corporate tax returns. Is this about right?

Can you file your business tax return and ask for an extention for your personal taxes?
I collected unemployment for most of the year, but in October I started my own home business with my own Tax ID number. Can I file the business taxes now but ask for an extention for my personal taxes? I believe I will have to pay personal taxes, and I will do that when my business gets better. Thanks to anyone who knows about this and where I can find the info.I do have a corporation, a separate Tax ID

Working for a family business, tax returns, but no paystubs?
I work for a family business and get paid in cash without any paystubs therefore, it becomes difficult to prove this type of income. When it comes to applying to various employers and certain agencies that may may not inquire into these returns, could this become a potential problem?

What happens if receipts needed for supporting a business tax return are destroyed?
I asked my daughter to shred a pile of paperwork for our business which needed to be disposed of. When she ran out of it, she began shredding everything she could get her hands on while included the large folder with all of our Q2 2010 expenses and receipts total about $8,000 . They include capital purchases like computers, business travel, training and consumables office supplies.I have a record in a ledger of what they are, and most of these are spent out of a business account so the $ amounts can be accounted for, but in terms of actual receipts, I have nothing for Q2 of this year.So am I screwed here? I can claim accurately the expenses on the tax return paperwork, but in the event we are audited I have no receipts to support that entire quarter. What do I do??? ?? ? ? ??She’s 19, believe it or not. I would think a 2 inch thick folder wrapped up with &quot Q2 2010 Tax Receipts&quot in 3 inch black letters might mean something. My wife is going to say I was dumb for leaving it lying around.Shredder is really good. 200 pages of tax receipts cross cut into tiny pieces and mixed in with about 10,000 pages of medical records shredded. It would probably take the rest of my life to reassemble it.About 1 2 of the expenses can be &quot resurrected&quot because the receipts still exist electronically, either through canceled checks I can print from our online bank account, emailed airline receipts, etc. So ALL is not lost.. but our records will be incomplete.

New Business tax return help.?
Hello,Just a quickie. I’ve just registered as self employed with HMRC. Am I correct in thinking that I wont complete a tax return until Oct 11. For the period of now april 11 .Thanks

How do I prepare/file/print my Past individual and business Tax returns online?
I always paid my taxes however I was not able to file for 05 06 07 due to circumstances which were not under my control. I do not owe IRS they just sent me a letter however I’m 100 % sure I will get a refund. Now can someone tell me an online website like where I could file my individual and business taxes for the previous years. I know I have to mail the 05 and 06 I just need a browser based tax preparation software. Thanks in advance. and please answer with a website URL and be my yahoo answers hero so what’s the website?

Where does a contracting business materials used go on a business tax return??
The business is an S Corporation when filing business tax returns. Where would you put the cost of the materials bought to perform the refrigeration services?

Personal or Business tax return?
My husband applied for a small business November 2010, but the business didn’t start operation until February 2011. It’s a Sole Proprietorship under his name. We don’t have a business bank account so all expenses renovations etc are paid from his personal account.My questions are 1. For this 2010 tax year, do I file under personal or business return?2. Are my business related expenses in 2010 tax deductible? And how? if everything’s been paid from his personal account, and I file as a personal tax return? Ps. We’re in Vancouver BC

How do I file rental income in my business tax return?
I own a rental property under my business name an LLC and receive rental income. Can I report this rental income under business income Sch. C or should I report rental income separately under Sch. E Supplemental income loss ?

Do I lodge an individual or business tax return?
I have all the numbers and have done heaps of tax returns, but basically I just dont know where to start.I am was an ebay seller last financial year…I had an ABN but was registered under my own name.Do I just do an individual tax return or a business one and a personal one…looked everywhere for an answer…and trying to avoid taking all my paperwork into an accountant as its a little disorganised to the naked eye but clear to me .

Small business tax return? How to do them? et.c?
My wife started a small business in August. It’s a art craft shop that has about 20 artists co op . Just curious how the business return process is? Do I need to do it separate from our regular return? When do we have to have it done by, etc.? I’m not really worried about paying anything because it’s prolly only brought in under $1000 net profit. Take out rent, supplies, fixtures, etc. Can we put part of our home rent, utilites, internet since they are all part of the business since most of the stuff is made at home? I’ve never done a return like this so I’m pretty confused on how it works…. I’d rather not spend a bunch to get a pro to do it when there’s not much to show for…

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