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Powerful corporate tax information

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Can I negotiate with the government to reduce both income & corporate tax?
Can you do that for your company on certain agreeable condition between both parties, if so how? Please this is an serious question, serious answer, list me countries that your allowed to do this, and name me any successful negotiation in the past, that ended up reduced tax for his her company

What do you think about flat income and corporate tax rates?

What would my corporate taxes be? wiki Corporate tax in the United StatesClass C corporation in VT with Income of 309,000.I got $129,500 basically, which is an effective tax rate 41.9 % of from combined state and federal taxes.Is there any corporate tax rate cap or anything I’m unaware of or assuming no ways of lowing it, would that I have to pay all that?

Why can’t the deficit be paid off with the 95 billion in unpaid corporate tax?

Is there a statue of limitations on when the state of California can try and collect corporate tax from you?
They said I didn’t pay my corporate tax of $800.00 for 2009. I never got a letter or phone call until just now so it’s been 2 years and they sent it to a wrong address. I’m surprised I even got it because it had my old corporate name, my parents address which is in another city with my current apartment number, their city with my current zip code. They now are charging me interest and penalties. If I would have gotten anything in the mail I would have paid it immediately. They also sent me a check for $8k that I had overpaid on my taxes so why wouldn’t they have just taken out if anything was owed? I asked the guy why he didn’t have my current address and he said he does and he doesn’t know why he made the mistake of putting the address like that. I think I dissolved my corp in december of 2009. Is there a statue of limitations? If not, do you think I can fight the interest and fees? thanksto &quot the tax lady&quot if it is still not paid by tax time next year you say they will deduct the money? um well why didn’t they do that years ago. that’s what i’m asking. why in 2012 instead of 2009,2010,2011? how do you know? why wouldn’t they have deducted it already? yes, i know when i dissolved my corp.

A corporation has taxable income of $100,000 and pays corporate taxes of $34,000. The firm pays $50,000 in div?

Calculating “Creditors:amounts falling due within one year” for small business corporate tax return?
I run a small business and was wondering if someone could advise me on how to work out the figure for ‘Creditors amounts falling due within one year’ in a small business corporate tax return?Thanks in advance

What would you do to bring jobs back to the US? We know we need to cut the corporate tax rate? What can we do?
We know that we need to cut the corporate tax rate and incent employers to hire unemployed workers but what else can we do? I am willing to pay more if we can bring jobs and products back to the US. The products made in China are poor quality and sold at Walmart

What do you mean by surcharge on corporate tax?

What is the difference between the corporate tax and the capital gains tax?
please compare it to personal income tax and or sales tax for me so i have something to compare it to

What is the due date for filing a corporate tax return?
I filed an extension because the Corp is not active yet and has not made any money, so do I have to file a &quot regular&quot return stating the same zero activity? And if so when is it due?

What is the function of corporate tax?
i want to know that what is the corporate tax and what is the features of corporate tax?

Urdu :in urdu what do they say to corporate tax and partnership tax ????
what is it in Urdu crporate income tax and partnership tax

Does an Adjusted Trial Balance for a Corporate Tax Return have Closing Entries?
I’m a brand new to the field accountant I graduate in a few weeks yay and I’ve been assigned my first corporate tax return. The only problem, I don’t fully trust that the person who prepared the return last year did it correctly, and now I’m getting caught up on a lot of things. Should have the prior year nominal account balances been closed out? It was my understanding that after the return was prepared, then all the nominal accounts should have been closed to zero. They were not, and the person is telling me to carry forward the balances. Is the real world practice of accounting all that different from the theories I learned in college? I learned that the only balances you roll forward are basically confined to those accounts appearing on the Balance Sheet, and theShould I first do all the closing JE’s from the prior year, and then move forward? Any advice from practicing accountants out there? I don’t want to approach a higher level person at the firm until I have some solid questions to ask them. Please help I’m already over budget on the time for this return, but am hoping they understand because it’s my first one ever and I am NOT billing the client for my own inexperience.The client was given AJE’s, which they did input into their own books none of the AJE’s they were given closed out the nominal accounts. Thank you for pointing out that I didn’t put in that piece of information. That’s another reason I don’t want to just follow what was done last year I don’t trust that it was done 100 % correctly, but since it’s my first return in the real world, I lack the confidence to deviate from what I was told to do, which was &quot follow as much of the prior year’s work as possible&quot .

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