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New home business tax question making $5800 per month?

Question: New home business tax question making $5800 per month?

(Posted by: on 2011-03-04 11:12:08)

I became a reseller for a mobile text message service for businesses at www.iziggus.com and after about 2 months of part time work I’m making around $5800 per month. Sinse I am a reseller how much of the monthly income is mine and how much do I need to save for taxes?


Posted by: Count Your Blessings on 2011-03-07, 14:55:58

You’ve not provided enough data for a complete answer as it will depend on (1) how much of the $5800 represents net income, i.e., what are your costs of doing business? (2) your filing status, (3) how much other taxable income you have. Without knowing more, I cannot determine your marginal tax bracket for 2011. You can look it up @ bankrate.com/ finance/ taxes/ 2011-tax-bracket-rates.aspx#ixzz1FxPLS800 In addition to paying tax at your marginal tax rate, you’ll owe self-employment taxes. This is an amount equal to 12.4% (or 6.2% + 6.2%) is paid in total for social security tax, and an amount equal to 2.9% (or 1.45% + 1.45%) is paid in total for Medicare taxes. Given that you are self-employed, you are both the employee and the employer. As such, you are responsible for paying both halves of the social security and Medicare taxes, or 15.3% in total. We simply call the tax something different; we call it the Self-Employment Tax. This sum is in addition to your income tax which is paid based on your marginal tax rate. Hope this helps a bit!


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