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Powerful small business tax deductions information

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Where can I find a list of small business tax deductions?
I own an LLC that does multiple ventures in michigan. Any information or links of all possible deductions would be wonderful. Thanks.

Personal, Small business tax deductions in addition to standard?
Hello,Got a quick question. Are expenses incurred by a small business startup compound on a personal standard deduction? My scenario is below I’m employed not self employment, at an actual company and rent an apartment Say I incur $10,000 in small business expense this year for a SIDE business.Is this $10,000 write off in conjunction with the standard deduction of around 5k for single ? So, in other words, can my income be claimed to be 15k lower? If my startup costs incur $4,000 is there a reason for me to NOT do the standard deduction? It seems awfully stupid that standard deductions exist, as I would’ve kept my own money instead of spending it on all this crap…

Small business tax deductions forwarded to 2010?
If i open a business today and inccure $10,000 in cost to deveolp my software concept and file it on a 2009 tax report and have no income, can i forward those losses and deduct them on 2010 taxes. I am filing for an LLC in florida

Small business tax deduction?
I started a business last year in a home office. Is it true that expenses resulting in a loss are carried over to the following year for a 1st year business?It was a loss of about 5000k for the year. The revenue was about 500, and about 5500 expenses including porportion of rent .

Small business tax deductions?
So i’m looking to start a small business. The plan is simple, basically I’ll be looking for relatively inexpensive vehicles that need some TLC. With my resources and personal know how i can bring most projects to a more respectable condition for an already existing client base. My question is this…i know what business expenses are and i know what capital expenses are but what do purchases directly attributed to the &quot product&quot classify as? If I spend money, not on garage equipment but on new components that actually increase the value and quality of the car i’m working on thus increasing the selling price new brake technology, new safety technology, new aesthetics… How does all this fall into tax deductions?

I have small business tax deduction question ?

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