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Personal tax and business tax ?
Hello I have a partnership for a side business with my friend. We have registered this company in 2010. But did not make any money for physical year 2010. My question is Can I file my personal tax and this small business tax separatly ? Is there any tax law saying I have to show this business partnership in my personal tax file when I file my personal tax ?

Taxes and business banking accounts?
if i have a business bank account will the government know exactly how much i owe them even if it’s just a lawn care business and we don’t bring in much cash by the time we buy the tools and write them off or should i stay with my personal account?

Payroll Tax and Income Tax and Business Tax?
How much does an employer business pay in payroll taxes per $1 spent on payroll. How much does an employer business pay in business taxes on March 15th per $1 made If Business Income is $100,000 . And how much does an individual pay in income taxes on April 15th per $1 made If income is $100,000 .I forgot to mention in Illinois.

UK inheritance tax and business relief rules?
My father recently passed away. He was a sole trader operating a business from a commercial property that he had owned for 7 years. His estate consists only of his business property and stock, he didn’t own the house that he lived in or leave any cash or insurance. My question is, is inheritance tax payable on his estate if it is over the threshold or is it eligible for business relief? If inheritance tax is not payable, are there any other taxes like capital gains tax and when would these have to be paid? Really appreciate any help Thank you.

Taxes and business bank accounts ?
if i have a business bank account will the government know exactly how much i owe them even if it’s just a lawn care business and we don’t bring in much cash by the time we buy the tools and write them off or should i stay with my personal account?

Are Individual Taxes and Business taxes done on one Return?
We opened a business in March of this year, next tax season, How do you file? Are business taxes seperate? We charge sales tax. thanks in advance

I am doing a non profit charity music tour what tax and business forms do I need?
Here is what I am planning. I am in a band, I was able to convince another band to sign on with my idea. We are going to tour the east coast. We are not going to make any money from this. We want to raise money for local homeless shelters and food banks. We have contacted some readio stationa and they say they are on board to help us promote the event in their area. We are trying to book small arenas and whatever money that they raise on ticket sales will be donated to the local homeless shelter, if you bring two nonperishable food donations you get the tickets at a reduced price. We are trying to get corporate sponsors as well as private ones. We will have some expenses that we would like to use some of the money raised to pay for hotels, tour buses, ets WHne the tour is done whatever money is left from the sponsors we are going to dontate as well. What sort of forms do I need to file with the governement to get this thing startes. I know that I need a tax id to open a bank account but what else. I Have srticles of incorporation &amp 501c3 . Do I need to file those. Please any advice would help. Thank You

Web Cam Model needs tax and business advice.?
Ok. I’m pretty sure Im halfway to the point of understanding.I dont expect to make more than 2000 dollars a month at best.It is just me.Can I legally claim it as other income and claim my expenses on my personal tax return, that seems most logical.If i did get a business license how much would that help?I want to be legal about it, but I also don’t want to go through a big mess for it either.

Sales tax and business expenses?
Do I record the item price less sales tax or should I be adding sales tax to the cost of the item for tax purposes?

Age, tax, and business?
so, i am 15 years old and a developer for palm apps. I wanted to sell my app which requires me to enter my tax info. Am i allowed to legally sell my app at 15 with my own personal tax info, or do i have to use my parents? Thank you

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